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Why Tabspace?

Surveying the tech jobs market?
Sound familiar?

Vague job listing specs
Vague job listing

Are you browsing through careers pages and job descriptions only to find that the listings don't reveal very much about the nature of the role & the team? Maybe you can't distinguish one "exciting opportunity" from the next?

We hear you!

Technical screening interview call
Technical screening call
½ hr - 1 hr

You're already up the walls with work on your current job & you're struggling to find a gap in your day to take an hour-long tech screening call. You think it might be worth your while taking a call, but how can you be sure?

Tell me about it!

Software take-home code challenge
Code challenge
3 - 4 hrs

Are you being asked to jump through hoops for a company you really aren't sure about? Bubble sort this data. Consume and present data from that API.
Yes, I can do that but, first, couldn't you tell me about how your agile processes work? Your tech stack? The scope for career growth?

We've been there!

That sounds like a lot of effort!
Does this company even suit me?

Cultural fit in software team
Our solution?
  • Find out how engineering teams operate from the software engineers themselves.
  • Our data is gathered from software engineers just like you, and is presented in an anonymised and aggregated format.
  • Compare engineering teams & find out where your team stands.
  • Find the team that best fits your lifestyle & career goals.

STOP spending your time preparing for whiteboard interviews and learning answers to questions you will never need.

Find out how engineering teams are before you start interviewing and make more informed career decisions.

No recruiters. No spam.

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Tabspace is the only peer-review site dedicated to software development. Find out how engineering teams operate, with insights from employees who know best.
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