What is Tabspace?

Tabspace was founded by two software engineers on a mission to help their peers find dev teams that share their professional and personal values.

We gather peer reviews of software development teams from current and former employees, allowing you to gain quantifiable insights into how engineering teams operate.

Tabspace Founders

Ana Slipcevic
Turns coffee into empty, dirty mugs and occasionally into code.
Kyle Stephens
Once developed a groceries app to put into a refrigerator.
(Jian-Yang's got nothing on him!)

We've held positions from junior software developers to team leads and external consultants. During this time, we've had a chance to work in various teams and companies and have been both interviewees and hiring managers.

We quickly learned that no two teams have the same approach to working. The approaches to developing a product and the interactions between the individuals and teams working on products and services vary enormously from company to company.

We know what it's like to be regularly contacted over phone, email and messages about the various 'exciting opportunities' out there with little to no details about the role! We also know what it's like when the roles and teams are oversold to you, with the promise of agile methodologies, new product development and challenging tasks - just to end up being the complete opposite.

For this reason, Tabspace was created. We want to help software engineers like ourselves get insights into engineering teams before they even start the interview process. And who better to give a clearer, data driven picture about engineering teams than current or very recent employees in those same teams.

How can you help?

First, read about how our process works.

If it sounds interesting why not take 5 minutes to submit a review of a past or present engineering team to anonymously share your insights with the wider developer community.

Tabspace is the only peer-review site dedicated to software development. Find out how engineering teams operate, with insights from employees who know best.
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