How it works

We invite all developers to take a short, structured survey about their experience in their current and former roles. This explores a number of areas of interest such as the approach to engineering, the day-to-day culture and career opportunities within the team and across the company. This gives us quantitative insights into the workings of engineering teams.

We achieve this through an approach similar to planning poker, a method used by agile teams to estimate development efforts or the relative sizing of development tasks.

Developers are offered a short series of questions and asked to assign a value to these questions using our poker cards:

Our approach asks developers to assess the relative quality of various aspects of their work. For example:

  • 1 - super, fantastic, couldn't be better,
  • 5 - very good,
  • 13 - has some good points, but there is room for improvement,
  • 20 - weak,
  • 40 - very weak,
  • 100 - non-existent, unaware of or opposed to improving/implementing.

Sound interesting? Why not take 5 minutes to play poker with us and submit an anonymous review?

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