How are reviews moderated?

To ensure the most authentic, transparent and valuable information is available to job seekers while balancing fairness to employers, Tabspace follows a series of principles and guidelines.

  • We don't edit or alter content submitted on our site
  • We do not allow employers to edit or alter reviews
  • We moderate content using both technology and human review
  • We remove content if we have evidence members were incentivised to leave it

Can Tabspace reveal who wrote a review about my company?

No. Reviews shared by our members are completely anonymous. Employers are not able to identify the source.

Why do you require a login?

We require you to login with an account in order to verify your identity. This is to ensure we provide the most accurate insights possible. In order to achieve this, we need to safeguard the integrity of every submission we receive.

You may have come across review sites with dubious content from suspect origins - We do not want to become one of those.

Protecting member anonymity

All survey answers are anonymised and aggregated to conceal your identity. Any contributions submitted to Tabspace will be anonymous to other community members, including employers, and this will always be the case. Tabspace does not display your email address, LinkedIn or Github profile, or any other personal information. We will will never post to your LinkedIn feed without your permission.

All members of our community have the ability to submit a contribution without providing additional information that would allow others to identify you. When submitting a company review to Tabspace, it is optional to provide your title and department. However, if you do provide your title and department, it will be published with your contribution. If you do not wish for this information to be published, please leave these fields blank.

For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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