Who is eligible to leave a review?

To ensure the data we gather is both valuable to prospective employees and to employers alike, we have a set of guiding criteria and principles surrounding the reviews we accept. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at anytime.

  • The team must belong to a company that is active, trading and carrying on business activity.
  • Startup founders may not review their own team.
  • Your relationship with the engineering team should be either full-time, part-time or contract basis employment. At this time, we cannot accept reviews from co-ops, interns or students who are with the team on a temporary basis.
  • For past teams, we just ask that it has been no more than two years since you left. Technology changes fast and engineering teams may alter their engineering approaches in line with emerging practices and industry demands. Therefore, while we think it's great you want to review a team you last worked for 8 years ago, we do not feel the feedback would represent an accurate reflection of where they are today.
  • Out of consideration to companies, where we cannot prove your association with a team, we reserve to right to request further proof before accepting and approving a review.
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